Finland Travel Guide and Advisory

Finland Travel Guide & Advisory ( Comprehensive Guide)

Finland is one of the most important European countries, Finland is a country of well-being and a large economy, for a large reason, including its low population and also characterized by Finland as a country full of natural phenomena, in summer, the sun does not set in the northern regions and disappears for several months in winter. Finland is the perfect country to watch the aurora borealis. Being home to seven UNESCO-listed world heritage sites.

Finland is one of the most popular holiday destinations in EUROPE. Finland is located in northern Europe bordered by Norway to the north, Russia to the east, the Gulf of Finland to the south and the Gulf of Bothnia to the south-west, and Sweden to the north-west. Finland’s forest and river landscapes have been a major source of inspiration for Finnish art and literature, starting with the national epic, Kalevala, so it is an attractive country for tourists. The Finnish climate is very special, making you live unique moments because its natural phenomena are unlimited and varied, where the extreme cold, darkness, and snowfall in winter, the summer is quite different, where the warm, green, sun and mild weather. This diversity of climate makes Finland a special country in each season of the year.

In Terms of Language and Religion:

The official language of The State of Finland is Finnish and Swedish, and the state is a secular state of politics and people, although its children officially belong to the Lutheran Church, they tend to be free and separate religion from the state.

In Terms of Culture and Morals:

Finnish morality and culture are simple and easy because the Finnish people are very much in agreement with logic, justice and equality, so you will not see cultural or moral practices that would violate any of the rights of others, most Finnish people speak fluent English and welcome tourists, and the Finnish people are an educated people who appreciate cultural differences between them and tourists from other cultures.

Finland Travel Guide will help you find the right places for you to stay in Finland, where there are beautiful and wonderful hotels such as (The Arctic Tree House), located in Rovaniemi, next to Santa Claus Park, offering free parking and Wi-Fi as well as sports activities you can take part in, such as skiing, hiking and cycling.

There is also (Courtyard Hotel)

Located in Tampere, it offers accommodation with a restaurant, free parking, a fitness centre, a 24-hour reception, free Wi-Fi, a business centre and disabled facilities.

In the Finnish Travel Guide, you will also find the most important areas you can visit and admire, such as gardens, wherein Finland there are about 40 gardens, all of which feel like you are in the custody of nature but the top 5 gardens are:

Cooley National Park, Husa National Park, Tejo National Park, Archipelago National Park, and Ulinka National Park.

Finland is a country of lasting happiness and absolute well-being.

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