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On this page, you will find a good number of articles about Africa Travel Guide & Advisory that will help every traveler to know all that he will need about Africa. The continent of Africa called the black continent, it is the oldest continent on earth and the second-largest continent in the world after Asia in terms of area. This continent has human and natural potential that would have qualified it in a different place from poverty, and also includes a different and wonderful variety of wild animals living in the plains such as lions, hyenas, elephants, and many others.

The number of countries on the continent reaches 45 countries, and the continent of Africa is the first cradle of human civilizations and the most important civilization of Pharaohs, and the continent is characterized by its geographical location as it mediates the continents of the ancient world and is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, the western Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean to the southeast and east.

There is more than one language spoken by its population, but the official and popular language is Arabic, but there are other languages like Zulu that used on the Eastern side of South Africa, and language (Amharic) is a Sami language and common after Arabic, and it is an official language in Ethiopia.

The top places to visit in Africa are the pharaonic pyramids and civilization that rich in culture and ancient heritage, cape town where the charming nature, Victoria falls located in Zambia and Zimbabwe craters, and the Masai Mara Reserve where you can see wild animals and many more.

The best tourism countries in Africa are Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia because of their many ancient thrills and civilizations that make you fascinated by them.

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