South America Travel Guide and Advisory

South America Travel Guide and Advisory

South America is a large continent to explore and with our South America travel guide and advisory, everything will be easy to know. It is very important to read about the destinations that you will travel to and while deciding to travel and visit a country in South America, then our South America travel guide is your right selection. South America is filled with mystery, tradition, and outdoor adventures in abundance, over this large continent from the national parks and tropical beaches it’s located in Colombia and features in the warmth year-round, there is a wild forest such as wildlife amazon. The biggest draws to the continent are Iguazu falls, Galàpagos islands, Machupicchu, and, of course, Patagonia. To carnival and a cool breeze blowing across the Andes, the most visited destination in South America by tourists is the Peru capital, lima as the main gate to the legendary Machupicchu, followed by Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

What to Expect with Our South America Travel Guide!

Climate: Three principal factors control the features of south America climate, the first and most important of them are the subtropical high-pressure air masses over the South Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The second is the presence of cold ocean currents along the continent’s western side. Finally, the orographic barrier of the Andes produces avast rain shadow over, the intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ), which is responsible for foe the seasonal character of precipitation in South America. The (ITCZ) follows the annual migration of the sun and reaches it’s the most northerly position during the southern hemisphere’s winter.

Food: There are countries that are famous for their favorite food and they are : (Ceviche) it is the seafood of “Peru” and has spread throughout the coastal regions of both south and central America. There are many delicious foods so you should read our South America travel guide and advisory in order to enjoy all these beautiful things.

Currency: Argentina “Argentine peso $” – Bolivia “Bolivian boliviano Bs” – Brazil “Brazilian real R$” – Chile “Chilean peso $” – Colombia “Colombian peso $” – Ecuador “United States dollar $” – Guyana “Guyanese dollar $, G$” – Paraguay “Paraguayan guaraní ₲” – Peru “Peruvian nuevo sol S”. – Suriname “Surinamese dollar $” – Uruguay “Uruguayan peso $U” – Venezuela “Venezuelan bolivar Bs.” – The Falkland Islands “Falkland Islands pound £ (FK£)” – South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands “Britsh currency” – French Guiana “Euro€”.

Also in this South America travel guide and advisory, you will know all the top important rated places to visit in South America, the best time to visit South America, which country you should visit first in South America, top travel tips while traveling to South America, and many more, so enjoy reading and we hope our travel guide of South America helped you enough.

Below you will find a wide variety of topics about South America, so check what you want and contact us for any questions.

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