Festivals and Public Holidays in Europe

Festivals and Public Holidays in Europe

Peoples differ in their traditional times, in accordance with their ancient civilization and the popular heritage that they have reached through their ancestors, making them the focus of the other peoples that are trying to discover, Europe is full of fun festivals filled with feather and costume Detailed, loud music, dance, singing, eating and drinking where all cities across Europe are festive and very pleasant. These festivals are historic and ancient in their history Centuries ago, they are still being held with purpose Preserve and enjoy the heritage, culture, and history.

Europe’s Most Beautiful Festivals:

Dunkirk Carnival in France

This festival started in the 17th century as a feast for local fishermen, but now it is one of the biggest and longest festivals in the city. The festival starts in January and the festivities and celebrations arrive It peaked three days before Ash Wednesday as it was released It is with ceremonial teams and marches in colorful clothes. Sunday brings a unique local touch including 450 kilograms Of the herring.

piedmont Carnival in Italy

While in Spain there is a tomato-throwing festival, this is The festival in the piedmont province in Italy is the biggest food battle It takes place in Italy but with oranges where it was the main weapon In the battle between the local population and Napoleon’s forces in the early nineteenth century. The festival is held through some ceremonies such as processions, concerts, and orange battles, especially on 26th February at 2:00 pm.

Basel Carnival in Switzerland

It is perhaps surprising that a festival is being held in a country that is famous for being very organized, but Switzerland likes carnivals, and the Basle Festival is the largest among them and attracts about 500,000 visitors annually, The festival is held in March 6 to 9.

The celebrations start early from 4 am where they are running All the lights in the city and about two hundred teams and The processions make their way through the city center and light the lanterns that It has been hand-drawn and is followed by three days of celebrations Where sweets are thrown on the crowds by the processions And the different bands.

Cadiz Carnival in Spain

Rio and Trinidad and Tenerife may be more famous than the Cadiz Festival, but it is still a wonderful epic festival. It is held annually with ten thousand people filling the streets where groups of musicians wander the streets of the city to entertain the crowds with satirical songs, fun performance, laughter, special clothes and entertainment about Children and keeping spirits high and the festival is held at the beginning From February 3 to 20 and until the third of a month March.

The Acireale Festival in Italy

The Acireale Festival is the most popular and beautiful festival in Sicily Italian in the coastal town of Acireale, featuring buoys made from The paper and fabric are decorated with different colors and decorations and It is followed by dances in colorful and pleasant attire, Dance concerts are held, making it very popular on the island, and the festival is held in February.

Amsterdam Music Festival

If you love electronic music, this music festival is the perfect retreat for you! On October 19, the world’s top musicians and DJ will gather in the Dutch capital, specifically at the Johan Cruijff Arena stadium, to set the stage in a more than enthusiastic setting. The festival is attended by many large names such as Alesso, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, and Tiesto.

Chocolate Exhibition in Paris

Love Chocolate? Don’t miss the chocolate exhibition in Paris. Every year, this event attracts thousands of visitors from around the world to learn about the history of chocolate and to get delicious recipes from the world’s best chefs.

One of the most important events of this exhibition is the famous chocolate fashion show where the best fashion designers meet with the most important chocolate makers to create masterpieces of high fashion. This exhibition starts on October 30 and ends on November 3.

Festival of Lights in Berlin

From October 5 to 14, Berlin is a city of lights where all the city’s major sights are illuminated to highlight its fascinating history. Light shows cover streets, squares, and trendy neighborhoods to create a scene that is difficult to miss.

Frieze Art Fair in London

Interested in art and culture? Then head to the beautiful Regent Park where the world’s top artists meet to showcase their works at the Frieze Art Gallery. Starting on October 3 and extending for three days, this event offers over 160 exhibitions in the world, you can buy art from over 100 artists or just watch it. There are also sections dedicated to living shows, the art of the 1990s, and talent originating from Shanghai to Berlin.

Prague Transmission Festival

If you love the passionate atmosphere, we recommend that you expedite your booking at the Transmission Festival; the huge music event awaits many of the lovers of Trance music around the world, the festival will be held on October 12 at the O2 Stadium in Prague.

Tomato War Festival in Spain

More than 20,000 people participate in Spain’s annual tomato-war festival, exchanging tankers with 160 tons of mostly unfit for consumption tomatoes, The festival is held in August each year.

The Spanish celebrated this annual festival in its seventy-second edition in the village of Bunol in the Valencia region, east of Spain amid security reinforcements after the last attacks in Catalonia, in a celebration that was marked by dancing musical performances throughout a whole week. Women are traditional in a white dress, and men are not wearing shirts.

Beer Festival in Germany

In Munich, in the Bavarian region, Germans celebrate the beer festival, which runs from September 16 to October 1, The festival is usually attended by about 6 million tourists a year from all over the world, Europe’s largest beer festival, music, and shows, known as Oktoberfest.

Tents are held where thousands gather to celebrate drinking beer and wear old historical clothes from the German province of Bavaria.

European Festival of traditional Folklore Fashion

The inhabitants of some European cities wear today popular clothes that they have passed for centuries from their ancestors. A traditional fashion festival is held annually in Europe, with more than 180 European cities participating in fashion.

St. Patrick’s Celebrations in Ireland

On March 17, every year, the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, an official holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as in two Canadians.

The first documented celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in the American colonies dates back to 1737 in Boston, while the feast was first celebrated in New York City in 1756.

Today it marks the commemoration of the evangelical man born in Roman Britain, who was captured and enslaved in Ireland, where he stayed six years before he fled, entered a Christian church, and returned to Ireland again as a preacher of the Christian religion in western and northern Ireland in particular, and in the eighth century, the Saint was considered the patron Saint of Ireland.

The celebration of various reviews and marches is held in more than one country and is held In many of Dublin’s largest cities, the show was attended In 2006 it has about half a million people.

Bullfighting Festival in Spain

The San Fermin Festival in the Spanish city of Pamplona witnesses the participation of hundreds of citizens in the bullring, before entering the bullring, with the participation of the most famous wrestlers, topped by the Spanish bullfighting, Kitano Rivera.

Bullfighting is a sport between Thor and Man, called Matador, Bullfighting is popular in many Spanish-speaking countries, plus Portugal and southern France.

Food Festivals in Europe:

Galway International Seafood Festival in Ireland

The annual seafood festival, held in Galway on the west coast of Ireland since 1954, includes the World Oyster Opening Championships, where teams from around the world compete for the mussels as soon as possible, and the festival held from 24-27 September.

Ludlow Food Festival in England

One of the most famous food festivals in the United Kingdom, held in a stunning castle in the Shropshire countryside since 1995, and the various food included in the festival some local products are on sale, the festival takes place from 11 to 13 September.

Copenhagen Cooking Festival in Denmark

The festival, held in the Danish capital Copenhagen, is one of the largest European food festivals, with 130 events over the ten days of the festival, making it an eating adventure and putting other European festivals in a critical position, held from 21 to 30 August.

Stragusto Festival in Italy

The festival, held in the Italian city of Trapani, is a show of local dishes as well as delicious food from Greece, Morocco, and Serbia, held from July 23 to 26.

Matstreif in Norway

The festival, held in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, features a wide range of delicious and cheap food, with over 200 food stalls showcasing good local dishes, and is held on September 11-12.

Stuttgarter Weindorf in Germany

With approximately 28 open-air restaurants serving various kinds of fresh food and drinks, as well as the availability of pancakes, pastries, and chocolates, it was held in Stuttgart, Germany, from August 26 to September 6.

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