Top 22 Rated Tourist Attractions in England

Top Important-Rated England Tourist Attractions

England tourist attractions are so many to know which is the most important and famous. England is one of the most famouse tourist countries around the world, England offers visitors masterpieces of history, culture, and landscape, between the countryside and the charming towns of Cotswolds to the spectacular mountain landscape of Cambria. England tourist attractions are too many to be counted, whether in ancient monuments, art galleries, castles, natural wonders, national parks, royal palace or zoo, all in England, here are some of great England tourist attractions:

Top 22 England Tourist Attractions:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Dover Castle
  • Tintagel Castle
  • London’s River Room
  • Chester Cathedral
  • Stonehenge
  • Windsor Castle
  • Manchester United Museum & Tour Centre
  • Great Central Railway
  • Bucklers Hard Village
  • Hadrian Wall (Roman Wall)
  • Oxford University
  • Globe Theater
  • Warwick Castle
  • Lake District
  • Tower of London
  • Durham Cathedral
  • York Minster
  • Big Ben
  • London Eye
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Westminster Palace

1- Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace - England Tourist Attractions - Planet Travel Advisor
Buckingham Palace – England Tourist Attractions – Planet Travel Advisor

Built-in 1703, Buckingham Palace was the main residence of the royal family by Queen Victoria in 1837, and now the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II as a home and office, the palace and Zein are equipped with priceless works of art and 19 rooms open to the public during eight weeks a year, the state regularly uses rooms by the queen and members of the royal family to welcome guests to official events and celebrations. Buckingham Palace has become one of top important England tourist attractions.

2- Dover Castle

Dover Castle - England Tourist Attractions - Planet Travel Advisor
Dover Castle – England Tourist Attractions – Planet Travel Advisor

The location of Dover Castle is a protection of the English coast closest to Europe for more than 2000 years, from the Iron age to the Atomic age, The castle’s defenses grew to meet the changing demands of the war, built-in 1180 and still contained displays dedicated to the 1216 blockade, then Henry VIII’s arrival in 1539, The castle is surrounded by white cliffs, a world of charm and secrecy.

3- Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle - England Tourist Attractions - Planet Travel Advisor
Tintagel Castle – England Tourist Attractions – Planet Travel Advisor

Tintagel Castle is located on one of England’s coast, remaining from the 13th century, thick walls and steep stone paths encircle the Great Hall where Richard, Earl Cornwall, The castle was built a long time ago and the name of Tindeferred was linked to the legend of King Arthur. Today there are still many unanswered questions and myths surrounding this historic site.

4- London’s River Room

London’s River Room - England Tourist Attractions - Planet Travel Advisor
London’s River Room – England Tourist Attractions – Planet Travel Advisor

New York Concert between Breakfast”, a crazy mid-day party in the London River Room overlooking the River Thames, brings visitors to the River Room for what can be described as a day-night party starting on Saturday and Sunday. Psychological comfort with one of the best eggs found in the capital, Then the pasta station is on display with four delicious items and tasty roast chicken. You can even enjoy a full English breakfast if you like, and there is a wonderful selection of homemade pastries that will bring the feast on a date that is not your original date.

5- Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral - England Tourist Attractions - Planet Travel Advisor
Chester Cathedral – England Tourist Attractions – Planet Travel Advisor

Originally built as a monastery founded in 1092 and built as a cathedral in 1541, the building has a rich and fascinating heritage and a visit here opens a window into a rich and varied story of monks, kings, and craftsmen, an extraordinary mixture of old and new to enjoy, from Norman arcades to Gothic columns, from stunning 14th-century woodcarvings to afternoon tea in the fabulous monastic dining room.

6- Stonehenge

Stonehenge - England Tourist Attractions - Planet Travel Advisor
Stonehenge – England Tourist Attractions – Planet Travel Advisor

Stonehenge may be one of the UK’s most famous and obscure attractions, consisting of a ring of homogeneous stones that in some cases is complemented by heavy stone thresholds, and historians and scientists at the construction site and its purpose differ, it was thought that the Neolithic initially lacked transport to lift a 25-50 ton stone now in the Salzburg Plain.

7- Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle - England Tourist Attractions - Planet Travel Advisor
Windsor Castle – England Tourist Attractions – Planet Travel Advisor

Windsor Castle has been one of the three headquarters of the Queen and home to sovereignty for more than 900 years and not only is the largest inhabited castle in the world but its age of continuous competence, the towers and walls loom as a bigger castle than its peers in the town, It looks like one of the world’s most exciting skyscrapers. Guests can walk around spacious international apartments and suites from the rooms in the heart of the palace.

8- Manchester United Museum & Tour Centre

Manchester United is the world’s most recognized and award-winning club in a museum hosting Old Trafford Stadium, this museum is educational and interactive and regularly updated with visitors of all ages confident that something of interest, more than 230000 visitors a year. The museum follows the club’s history from its modest start in 1878 and displays the silver that was collected along the way along with key officials, managers, and players alike in the past and present who helped create the legend that Manchester United is.

9- Great Central Railway

In this tourist attraction, visitors can get used to controls and enjoy the thrill, fast driving of one of the giant vehicles or the freighters on the rail on mainline Britain, the warm reception is waiting in central Loughborough where a friendly host will take you on a tour of the training work and signal box. You should also browse a short training film before boarding the locomotive in preparation for your historical journey. Which includes a free lunch.

10- Bucklers Hard Village

The Bucklers Hard village on the banks of the Beaulieu River you will find a haven Safe from Bucklers Hard, originally called Montagu Town because it built the ships for the Nelson fleet in Trafalgar. The Maritime Museum reveals a unique story, to reach the life of characters who lived here in Henry Adams, a master’s degree in shipbuilding in Bucklers Hard between 1744 and 1805. Summer may be ideal for coming to England because there are plenty of free activities to see in the gardens and streets, or sit by the side of the road while the sunbaths, and there are many festivals and sights to be found at the time.

11- Hadrian Wall (Roman Wall)

It is one of the three walls built by the Romans to separate the countries that they occupied from the other peoples of region, the wall extends a long distance from the second century of birth, and is the most famous because it is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it remains steadfast today with its defensive conservation.

12- Oxford University

The oldest in the world is among English-speaking universities, and although there is no official information about the history of the university’s establishment, some evidence suggests that it is back in 1096, and the university is still open to students and tourists to learn about this ancient cultural and scientific city.

13- Globe Theater

Also known as Shakespeare Globe Theater, the city’s most famous cultural and artistic historical landmark was built in 1599 by Shakespeare to showcase its course, which continues today to attract visitors to see and to learn about the three-story theater with a capacity of 3,000 people.

14- Warwick Castle

Built from wood by William the Conqueror in 1068, this castle was rebuilt from stone in the 12th century to fortify the towns behind it during the hundred years War. Today, it is the most prominent example of military architecture in the world, ranked among the top 10 tourist attractions and one of Britain’s oldest attractions.

15- Lake District

Located in the north-west of England in the province of Cambria, the country’s largest national park, and with all the attractions of lakes and hills, England’s first ski and Hiking destination, it is visited annually by more than 14 million tourists.

16- Tower of London

Currently home to the jewelry and art masterpieces of the United Kingdom, formerly a terrible prison from 1100 to mid-20th century, the Tower Castle was founded in the winter of 1066 to protect against the Norman invasion of England before it became a prison, Today, it is a humor that has a reputation that is not good, as many Britons regard it as a ghost home and there are plenty of ghost stories associated with it.

17- Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral is located in Durham, the north of England, and is the greatest building of Normandy (relative to the Norman region of northern France, famous for its architecture and art) in England or even Europe. It was rebuilt in 1093 and remains in most of its structures so far according to Norman’s design. In 2011, according to the BBC National Agency, it received a better and more popular building award in England, one of Britain’s most beautiful sights.

18- York Minster

It is a religious landmark and one of the reasons for traveling to Britain for the purpose of tourism to religious sites, where York Minster is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in North Europe (along with Cologne Cathedral in Germany), It is the symbol of the Old Town, and the symbol of Gothic architecture development in England, which was built in 1230 and ended in 1472. Within this cathedral is the largest stained glass space in medieval history and is a very popular tourist attraction in Britain.

19- Big Ben

If you have the chance to travel to Britain, don’t forget to visit the world’s largest and oldest clock tower over 150 years old, now a symbol of England and even Britain’s most important sights as a whole. The name of the watch was not inspired by the name of the tower as usual with the hours of the towers, but by the bell of the tower, which weighs 13 tons, specifically, the one that shines the bell from Benjamin Hall, which was named after it.

20- London Eye

The London Eye on the banks of the Thames River is a huge tourist wheel built before the beginning of the 21st century and has an area of 135 meters. It features 32 outdoor glass capsules, which are taken to see London’s sights and admire its beautiful scenery and highlights such as:

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Windsor Castle and Westminster Palace.

The most famous of these is the 40-km-long landmark, and the wheel can carry 15,000 visitors a day and an equivalent of 3.5 million people a year.

21- St. Paul’s Cathedral

The cathedral is one of London’s most famous tourist attractions, built in the 17th century and located in the upper part of London’s largest Widget Hill, the tallest building in London from 1710 to 1962.

The dome of the cathedral is one of the highest buildings in the world and was built inspired by Rome’s St. Peter’s Cathedral and rescued by firefighters when it was thrown in World War II.

22- Westminster Palace

The palace is located in London’s Westminster, the United Kingdom, built in the 19th century and rebuilt after the post-World War II fire and built in the new Victorian Gothic architecture. It is the palace where the British Parliament members meet and is considered one of the largest parliamentary buildings in the world, with 120 rooms, 100 ladders, and more than three kilometers of passages. The parliament is divided into two councils, the first is the Supreme Council, the House of Lords It is located in the south and contains two types of spiritual and worldly lords, appointed by the government, The second lower house, the House of Commons, located in the north, is democratically elected and the entire palace is decorated with green leather furnishings.

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