Top Rated Europe Shopping Places

Top Europe Shopping Places and Markets to Visit in 2022/2023

Shopping places in Europe attract thousands of tourists from all over the world every year, when we decide to travel, we love every opportunity to go shopping and when it comes to traveling to Europe, then, there is a lot of things to discover and buy, Europe has the most famous shopping cities around the world duo to it’s luxury shopping and regions like London, Milan and more.

In this article, you discover the most famous shopping places to visit in Europe, let’s start with one of the top tourism countries in the world “Paris”.

Lafayette Galleries in Paris

One of the luxury shops of a French company, located on Boulevard Housman in the 9th district of Paris. Lafayette Galleries have recorded more than €1 billion in annual sales over the past years as a sales rate, Housman is the main warehouse of the Lafayette department store, and it is a 10-story Haussmann Street.

Galleria Milano, Italy

One of the most famous shopping centers in Italy, located in Milan next to the road Montana Bolin and the Della Spiga, has a lot of prestigious brands, luxury shops, cafes, and various restaurants.


Harrods is one of London’s most famous shopping centers, located on Brompton Street in Knightsbridge, and has many distinctive options, which are ideal for shopping in London.

Departmenstore Quartier 206

Department store Quartier 206 opened in 1997, on Berlin’s Friedrich Street. The founder and owner said (Maria Goodfield): I had a very accurate idea of the shopping outlet and I traveled to many places to buy all the products of the Cartesian store with the interior design company, and said they were made for shopping A world of world-wide and contemporary fashion, designed by international fashion, offers contemporary brands and costumes for young people, accessories and cosmetics. Jewelry, books, art, flowers, and interior design.

Quartier 206 doesn’t offer only fashion to its customers, but the style of life in 2,500 square meters of retail space.

Royal Galleries

This covered gallery and glittering shops on both sides were built in 1846-1847 in Brussels, Belgium, and according to the plans of architect Gab Gwlosner. The construction of these exhibitions was “one of the first times in Europe”. (Gallery de la Rini, Gallery Droa, Gallery de Prance).

Las Arenas

The Las Arenas shopping center is located in Barcelona. opposite the town of Fira Montjuic and the Royal Palace, it was once the bullring.

Las Arenas is now an art nouveau venue mixed with sophistication, with more than 60 outlets, including fashion shops, cafes, and restaurants. The complex is the modern incarnation of the historic Las Arenas bullring, with many original architectural details included.

Vulcano Buono

The shopping center Vulcano Buono was established as a landmark in Naples, Italy, both commercial and social, and was designed by the architect Renzo Piano in harmony with the surrounding landscape, it has a space of 500,000 square meters. Within the Vulcano Buono, there are many various activities such as Trade in Goods, residential activities, restaurants, craft and leisure activities, exhibitions, and social gatherings. All cover an area of 150,000 square meters.


” The valley” means in Turkish. It is a purpose-built complex located on Büyükdere street. No:185 in Levent, Istanbul’s commercial district, Turkey.

Opened on June 6, 2006, the center consists of 160 shopping stores, an area of 37,500 square meters, 30 floors of office building (26 of which are high above street level), a 22-story residential complex with 179 apartments for living in complex and geometrical ripples.

The total area of the Kanyon Project is 250,000 square meters, with 30,000 square meters of rental office space, 37,500 square meters of rented business space, 180 apartments, 160 shops, and 9 theater halls for 1,600 spectators, and parking for 2,300 cars.

The Gasometer

One of Vienna’s shopping centers, dating back over 100 years, will also be a shopping center with 70 shops.


In Stadfeestzaal, 40 distinctive stores are located in Brussels, Belgium, and contain On many of Europe’s iconic brands.

Magna Plaza

Magna Plaza was the main post office in Amsterdam and is a magnificent building, today this is an important shopping center and one of the most beautiful buildings in Amsterdam.

The Mediacity

This complex opened in October in Brussels, Belgium. A huge ceiling was built for the center signed by Ron Arad. Part of the old exhibition “Longdoz Center” was restored and built at the site of the former Longdoz Station (destroyed in 1975).

The Zlote Tarasy

The “Golden Coliseum”, opened on February 7, 2007, is a trade office and entertainment complex, in the center of Warsaw, Poland, and is located near the train station of the Centralna Warsaw, between the streets of Yana Paolo II and Emelie Pater.

Barberino Designer Outlet, Italy

The exit is 30 km from Florence and can be easily reached by train, car or bus in about half an hour. The designer of the exit Barberino is the shopping village: Located in the suburban area, it looks like a small town with lots of “houses” side by side with shops.

You will find famous Italian and international brands such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Cavalli, Patrizia Pepe, Michael Kors, Furla, but many international companies such as Guess, Mist, Hugo Boss, Nike, and Adidas, this is one of the most famous brands.

Bicester Village, United Kingdom

The village of Bicester has everything you were looking for when it comes to shopping. It is one of the best shopping in Europe and is one of the UK’s premier luxury business destinations. Among England’s most popular tourist destinations are foreigners, along with Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.

La Valley village in France

Discover a unique shopping experience in the outdoor setting of Los Angeles Valley, a village near Paris. There are more than 110 world-famous fashion shops. There are also lifestyle signs that offer a range of the previous season at discounted prices, all year round.

La Valley Village is one of the best shopping in Europe. It is home to prestigious brands and offers a selection of thoughtful services to ensure guests enjoy it.

It has a range of prestigious brands such as Armani, Calvin Klein, Carven, Charles Tyrwhitt, CH Carolina Herrera, coach, Fred Berry, Furla, Guess, Jimmy Choo, Kenzo, Longchamp, Marni, Michael Kors, Moncler, Paul Smith, Paul & Joe, Roberto Cavalli, Poiray, S.T. Dupont, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sandro, Ted Baker, Tod’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Kooples, Tommy, UGG, Vanessa Bruno, Yves Salomon, Zadig & Voltaire and so much we can’t name each of them.

Serravalle Designer Outlet, Close to Milan, Italy

There is a list of the best shopping in Europe that cannot be left outside Milan! If you’re looking for fine shopping, Milan is often at the top of many people’s lists. You can get bargains on your shopping, and get discounts on top international brands.

Located in the heart of Gavi Hills. Be connected by the daily shuttle service from Milan, which takes 50 minutes to travel. Serravalle is the largest outlet in Europe dedicated to luxury shopping, With 11 shopping destinations, including cafes and restaurants, shoppers will find more than 230 stores filled with the world’s best brands, as well as Italian brands including Casadei, iceberg, and Missoni.

Village of Wertheim, Würzburg, Germany

Enjoy a visit to Würzburg, one of the oldest cities and German UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Explore the historical sites and monuments and then catch the best deals in the shopping areas of Wertheim. This village shopping outlet in Würzburg has 110 local and international brands, The village is just 50 minutes from Frankfurt or 60 minutes from Nuremberg. There are also many restaurants to keep you feeding for your market.


One of Berlin’s most famous attractions, due to its distinctive architecture, it also houses the world’s finest and most famous fashion and fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and others.

You can enjoy shopping and see many of Berlin’s great World War II attractions, featuring high-priced shops such as Gucci and Boss.

It is also easy to reach via the metro or taxi station, and the street is full of various restaurants, cafes, and service hotels.

Starting from the north of the Mitte district, the street ends south in the Kreuzberg region, and due to this, Friedrichstraße is a very important link between the western and eastern regions.

Berlin Mall

Berlin’s most famous malls opened in 2014 is located near Potsdam Square and features over 270 stores on an area of over 2,200 square meters, which houses the most famous brands.

Alexander Square

It is one of Germany’s largest squares and is one of the best markets in Berlin with a wide range of shops offering every imaginable amount of luxury products and brands, and there are many fine restaurants on the spot.


ALEXA is a great place to shop in Berlin, where all tastes of fashion, goods, restaurants, and cafes are well served, One of Berlin’s best stores, with 180 different shops for many luxury brands, the property has 17 restaurants, cafes, and leisure activities.

KaDeWe Center

Berlin’s largest shopping center is also known as Harrods Berlin, the complex has a large number of shops where the tour in this store will take a long time.

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