12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Medford, Oregon

12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Medford, Oregon

At the heart of the villain depression in Southern Oregon, Medford offers a trendy choice of natural areas and community flavor. From jet boat and paddle sports adventures on the villain stream to enjoying the fruitful turn out of the region, things to do in Medford span night and day and so the varied seasons. Exemplary of the out of doors attraction of the city, the outstanding higher and Lower Table Rock trailheads supply fun pathways to explore and beautiful views of the peripheral depression.

Other day journeys and doors things to undertake from Medford embody world far-famed attractions like Crater Lake Park and so the Wild and Scenic Lower villain stream. additional family fun attractions in Medford embody the child Time Children’s repository and Medford Railroad Park. For romantic things to do in Medford, places rather just like the Craterian Theater supply a beautiful stage for a date, and downtown restaurants like Porters eating at the Depot feature intimate eating experiences.

Still undergoing an improvement, Main Street in downtown Medford is lined with various dress shop outlets, native restaurants, and things to do inside. whether or not it’s antique studying, eating on contemporary fare, or community engagement, downtown Medford offers distinctive activities around each corner. For additional searching and diversion close to Medford, the charming village of Jacksonville is fifteen minutes west of the city.

Plan your tour with our list of the simplest things to do in Medford, Oregon.

Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Medford, Oregon

  • 1. Villain Stream
  • 2. Higher and Lower Table Rock
  • 3. Downtown Medford Searching and Eating
  • 4. Prescott Park
  • 5. Medford Railroad Park
  • 6. Crater Lake Park
  • 7. Jacksonville
  • 8. Applegate Lake
  • 9. Craterian Theater at the Pitman Center for the Discipline
  • 10. Oregon Caves memorial & Preserve
  • 11. Child Time Children’s Repository
  • 12. Natural Bridge

1. Villain Stream

Carving its manner into the culture of the peripheral depression, the villain stream runs for 215 miles between its origin in Crater Lake Park and its terminus at Gold Beach. categorized by the higher, middle, and lower sections, the Lower villain stream was one among the primary at intervals the state to be selected as “Wild and Scenic,” and it epitomizes the beautiful bank that surrounds the depression. widespread things to undertake on the Lower villain stream embody foam rafting, lodge-to-lodge floating, and salmon fishing.

Permits to raft the wild and scenic section of the Lower villain stream area unit were strictly enforced throughout the summer season, and varied native outfitters area units were happy to guide tourists on the water. Those wanting to fancy the scenery by foot will hike on the villain stream National Scenic path parallel to the banks. higher parts of the villain stream area unit are additional simply accessible to the everyday public, together with the picnic areas and parking spots of TouVelle State Park.

The family fun villain Jet Boat Adventures runs tours outward-bound from TouVelle State Park and offers sailing jet boat rides up and down the stream. on the manner and peppered with some exciting pin turns throughout a mobile jet boat, this radio-controlled journey options historical narration concerning the peripheral region, together with the soaring higher and Lower Table Rock conspicuously panoptic. additional day journeys on the villain area unit are usually Found farther north at a natural bridge carved lava outside the crater lake park.

2. Higher and Lower Table Rock

Jutting from the banks of the villain stream, higher and Lower Table Rock area unit 2 monolithic mesas standing 800 feet at intervals the air. The results of an eruption quite seven million years agone, the flat expanses atop each Table Rocks vie a large role at intervals the history and culture of the region’s autochthonic culture. Today, higher and Lower Table Rock area unit widespread hiking and long-distance viewing destinations, and 2 of the foremost outstanding options of the villain depression.

It’s however a two-mile hike to the absolute best of either of the Table Rocks, although it’s nothing however uphill to summit the 800-foot mesas. when creating the climb up, various scattered trails navigate the flat parcel, with some trails resulting in the sting for howling view perspectives of this of the villain depression and the backdrop ping Siskiyou Mountains. Summer brings hot heat to the simplest of each Table Rock, with spring and fall usually providing the sole times to form the hike.

3. Downtown Medford Searching and Eating

Lined with distinctive searching opportunities and native restaurants, downtown Medford offers a mellow sense of favor and lots of experiences to settle on from. Still undergoing a revivification in culture and charm, downtown Medford and the Main Street area unit an outstanding place to travel while not an idea and easily see wherever the day takes you. For dining, native cafés like Jasper’s supply casual fare, and additional upmarket restaurants, together with Porters eating at the Depot, feature a true potential for love.

Offering type of the soul searching in Medford, places like Pretty in Paint then the Coop DE Ville create downtown an outstanding place to hunt out homespun products and antiques. Fashion, jewelry, and art are conspicuously on show at intervals in the windows of downtown Medford. various community events additionally occur at intervals in the downtown district throughout the year, together with the villain depression Growers Market on Thursday mornings.

4. Prescott Park

Abutting the Japanese, a component of the town, Prescott Park includes over one,700 acres of accepted area and one among the foremost outstanding peaks seen from Medford. additionally, cited, for example, Roxy Ann Peak, a sobriquet Derived from the mountain 3,576 feet at intervals its limit, Prescott Park offers plenty of chance to hike up and round the mountain. The grade is systematically uphill to realize Roxy Ann Peak, however the views of the peripheral villain depression area unit well definitely worth the effort.

5. Medford Railroad Park

Open the second and fourth Sunday of every month, this distinctive seven-acre park offers a free, family entertaining factor to undertake and typically a treasured childhood legend. Officially a sewer treatment mill before 1979, this public area has been revived to incorporate various Byzantine model train sets. Miniature train rides are offered at this volunteer-run park, in conjunction with large locomotives and cabooses on show.

6. Crater Lake Park

Just over an associate degree an hour trip from Medford, Crater Lake is one all told the foremost beautiful natural options of the yank West. The results of an eruption over seven,000 years agone, Crater Lake is that the long remnant of what accustomed be Mount genus Mazama. solely Rain and melting snow glaciers consist of blue water in crater lake, that reach associate degree astonishing close to two,000 feet deepness, creating Crater Lake the deepest at intervals the country.

Crater Lake offers various things to undertake to, however merely staring in awe at this distinctive natural landmark is one all told the foremost widespread activities at intervals the park. Originating at the Rim Village traveler Center on the southwest aspect of the lake, the Rim path allows nice views of the water and so the steep slopes of the crater, together with vantage points of Wizard Island. Interested hikers will take a ferry to Wizard Island throughout the summer.

The Pacific Crest path makes an outstanding aspect trip on the rim of Crater Lake, usually filling the hiker/biker sites at the genus Mazama encampment with long-distance hikers. The genus Mazama encampment facilitates automobile encampment and family travel, too, with over two hundred sites accessible. for an additional add-on journey to a Crater Lake trip, the beautiful Natural Bridge of the villain stream is simply a 30-minute drive from the encampment.

7. Jacksonville

A historic village fifteen minutes west of Medford, Jacksonville is additionally a most well-liked traveler destination for dress shop searching, antique studying, and catching a live performance. Jacksonville is in addition a well-liked destination to fancy the wealthy agriculture of the region with native restaurants and purveyors. various historical buildings and hiking trails line the tiny community, providing a beautiful afternoon walk or after-dinner stroll.

A fun factor to try to do in Jacksonville throughout the summer, the non-profit Britt competition sponsors music performances at their celebrated stand and venue area. that includes a natural amphitheater backdropped by a vivacious pine forest, Britt competition music events usually draw a quiet crowd. A Britt competition streetcar runs back and forth from Medford to assist alleviate the scarce parking opportunities.

8. Applegate Lake

One of the foremost widespread things to try to do throughout a Medford summer is visiting one among the various scenic lakes that surround it. Thirty miles south of Medford close to the California border, Applegate Lake attracts summer crowds with activities like water travel, fishing, swimming, hiking, and athletics. the peripheral Hart-Tish Park adjacent to Applegate Lake offers little choice of recreational vehicle and tent encampment sites at intervals with Siskiyou National Forest.

An hour east of Medford, Howard grassland Lake is in addition well utilized for cooling off throughout the summer, additionally as alternative things to do to like fishing, boating, and visiting the close Howard grassland Lake Resort. a ship ramp and boat rentals area unit accessible at Howard grassland Lake. various public parks and encampment opportunities surround Howard grassland Lake and area unit modern community members and tourists alike.

9. Craterian Theater at the Pitman Center for the Discipline

downtown Medford, the Craterian Theater 1st opened to the general public in 1924 to the sound of a grand Rudolf Wurlitzer organ. Following some years of community diversion, together with music hall performances and talking movies, the stage fell on its hardest times at intervals in the late 70s with the arrival of home televisions and multiplex theaters. when receiving a lot of community support and funding, the Criterion Theater reopened to the ultimate public in 1997, utterly restored to its original grandeur.

Offering diversion for the entire family, performances at the Criterion Theater vary from children’s musicals to Russian ballet. the stage additionally options Voice and music performances, symphonic concerts, comedic engagements, and far of the enjoyment of visiting a show at the Criterion is its historic feel. It accommodates 750 audience members, and each seat at intervals the house offers an outstanding read of the stage.

10. Oregon Caves Memorial & Preserve

A 75-mile drive due west of Medford at intervals the Siskiyou Mountains, this attraction is underground options radio-controlled Tours, walking trails at ground level, and a subterranean world to explore. radio-controlled tours area unit the sole real attributable to see the at intervals of the cave, with daily journeys starting from the favored Discovery Tour to a 90-minute expedition designed for teenagers. Special off-trail cave adventures are accessible for brave explorers. The Cave Creek encampment at the monument options seventeen sites accessible on a first-come, first-served basis.

11. Child Time Children’s Repository

Within the Southern Oregon History Center in downtown Medford, the child Time Children’s repository is additionally a vicinity wherever young learners will really play free. occupation to infants and youngsters up to ten years recent, additionally as their folks, this widespread family spot options various themed play areas together with associate degree Art Alley and Discovery Farm. that specialize in education through engagement, special instructors at the repository facilitate active activities and race learning.

12. Natural Bridge

Highlighting the distinctive and dynamic force of the villain stream, this wonderful natural feature is formed by the stream creating a pointy associate degreed dramatic become an underground volcanic rock tube. A 30-minute drive from Crater Lake, the Natural Bridge is additionally a superb add-on journey for each day or long trip to the park. A two-mile loop and accessible path take guests to the Natural Bridge and back, itinerant the scenic stream depression and old-growth forest on the manner.

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