9 Top-Rated Campgrounds Near Hood River, Oregon

9 Top-Rated Campgrounds near Hood River, Oregon

Located lengthwise the Columbia River near Mountain Hood National Forest, the Hood River is a great camping area with many options. Windsurfers and windsurfers can find comfortable camping sites by the river, while hikers and those looking for alpine vacations can stay at campgrounds near Mount Hood.

If you’re here to enjoy nearby waterfalls and other attractions, campgrounds and RV parks in the Hood River area, especially the canyons along the historic Columbia River Highway, are your best options. Camping in Mountain Hood National Forest offers a quiet and peaceful getaway, but offers some amenities and is a long way from the attractions of The Columbia River Pass. By contrast, most maximum camping sites on the valley are well-equipped and convenient for sightseeing but are generally close to highways or train tracks and noisy.

Most camps are closed in the winter, most camps open in March and close in October. You can book state park campgrounds up to nine months in advance, although many campgrounds offer first-come, first-served sites. The Eagle Creek Fire in the fall of 2017 caused extensive damage to the area. However, the region is striving to quickly see its major attractions and tourist destinations again. All camps listed below have reopened.

1-Wise Camp

This small campground has 13 regular campgrounds and three group campgrounds, providing a peaceful getaway in a jungle setting along the Columbia River Gorge. Deciduous and mature pine trees, as well as extensive ground cover, provide plenty of privacy and shade. Although the site is somewhat flat, the area around the site is mountainous and beautiful.

The location is just 15 minutes west of the Hood River, which makes it very convenient for you to visit the area’s most famous waterfalls and hiking trails. Camp owners can provide information about local attractions and activities, including beautiful hiking trails directly from the campsite. Watch out for eagles and vultures that are nesting nearby.

Although all campgrounds along the George River have to deal with the highway traffic yelling, this camping site is far quote from the highway and much quieter than many other campgrounds In the region. Means comprise flush toilets, But there are no showers or attachments.

Official website: https://www.recreation.gov/

2-Cascade locks / Portland East KOA

This is a small, interesting, and well-designed camping site that offers plenty of space and privacy. It is located 19 miles west of the Hood River and is ideally located for easy access to the city and the historic Columbia River Highway.

Through the trees, you can see the lush hills behind you. KOA has a seasonal pool, hot tub, and sauna. This fully connected (up to 110 ft.) RV with towing facility offers 50-amp service, cable TV, and Wi-Fi. If you’re traveling without an RV, tent campsites and camping cabins are other accommodation options.

A park is an interesting place where you can park your car yourself for a few days or more. Sign up for a horseshoe, snuggle next to a wood-burning fire pit, or play ladder golf. If you are traveling with children, there are many climbing structures on the playground, so even the most difficult children can be guaranteed to feel tired.

Pets are allowed, and the campground has an unrestricted dog park.

Official website: https://koa.com/campgrounds/cascade-locks/

3-Ainsworth State Park Campground

For nature lovers, one of the best campgrounds in the Hood River area is located in Ainsworth State Park. Surrounded by woodland and laced with Huge deciduous trees, this camping site gives 43 RV campgrounds Also, 6 so special campgrounds in the woods. The RV sites are small, but some are towable. The campsite offers full connectivity, trash stations, and restrooms, but no showers.

Ainsworth State Park is located approximately 30 miles west of the Hood River on Interstate 84, a prime location along the historic Columbia River Highway, and Only 4 miles east of magnificent Multnomah Falls. The unique disadvantage to this location is the noise of the passing trains.

Official website: https://oregonstateparks.org/index.cfm?do=parkPage.dsp_parkPage&parkId=105

4-Memaloose State Park Campground

For a scenery and riverside campground, there’s nothing better than to camp in Memaloose State Park. This campground is located approximately 17 miles east of the Hood River. Compared to the area west of the city, the landscape here is much more undulating and exposed, as there seems to be a straight wall surrounding you.

Although it overlooks the river, the campsite is much higher and far from the river, because the railways are active and not directly accessible. Willow, cotton, and pine trees provide a very picturesque environment, but please note that this place can be very windy and the hills near the water are very fragile.

The stations in Loop A have better visibility, but the motorway noise is annoying. Ring B is closer to the river and quieter, but you’ll hear the train sound – no sirens, just a faint roar. Memaloose Campground offers 44 stations with 30-amp service and 65 tent stations, showers, toilets, and an RV cabin. Please note that there are 20 redundant tent sites, and No stroll stands or fire holes.

5-Vento State Park

Viento State Park is located 10 minutes west of the Hood River, with access to the Columbia River. The rocky coast provides easy access to the river for windsurfing, windsurfing, and other water sports. The camp is actually located on the highway across the river, but hiking trails extend into the water, making it a convenient base for campers who want to use the river.

Even if you just want to explore the waterfalls and attractions along with the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, this is a great base, just off Interstate 84. Vinto State Park is also suitable for the Historic National Highway of Colombia. The campsite has 56 RV sites (20/30 amp service) and 18 tent sites, nearly all of which are well shaded. The tent area is located in a forested area with a stream behind it. The recreational vehicle location is closer to the highway. The main drawback of this campground is the noise due to its proximity to highways and train tracks. Tent area in a lush forest environment. Facilities include flush toilets.

Official website: https://oregonstateparks.reserveamerica.com/

6-Bridge RV Park and Campground

In terms of location and facilities, this is the best RV park in the area. It is located on the north side of the Columbia River, across the bridge from the Hood River. All stations are nearby. It is right next to the highway, but it is planted with trees, the landscape is beautiful, and you can enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains.

They officially accept RVs up to 40 feet in height, but the staff here is flexible and Ready to accommodate more substantial RVs based on availability. Although it is primarily set up for RVs, there is an open grassy area with picnic tables and space around the tent. The park boasts clean modern bathrooms and facilities.

The site offers 30/50 amp service, and Wi-Fi is available throughout the park. If you run out of propane, there’s a gas station in the park.

Official website: https://www.bridgerv.com/

7-Sherwood Camp

Although this campground is located off Interstate 35, you will definitely feel like you are camping deep in the woods. Located in the Mount Hood National Forest 25 miles south of the Hood River, this campground is a quiet place away from civilization. A massive pine tower at the top provides plenty of shade, and the Upper Hood River flows through the back of the campsite.

Most of the 16 campgrounds are quite large but are primarily designed to accommodate tents and small recreational vehicles (up to 16 feet). The pit toilet is adapted to the rural environment. The camp is located next to the Tamanawas hiking trail.

Official website: https://www.recreation.gov/

8-Tucker Park Camp

This campground is located along the Hood River and has a very different atmosphere than other campsites in the area. People come here for various reasons, but many tourists come here for fishing or just to spend a weekend camping with friends. You can meet campers from Oregon rather than across the country.

Except for the campground on the beach, the area is fairly bare, with trees all around, providing some shade. Although the campsite is about 10 minutes south of downtown Hood River, you don’t really feel like you’ve left town or are camping in the woods. If you want to be close to the city, this is the best camping place.

Ninety-four locations can include RVs and tents, 30Of of which have got water connections Also, the couple has water and electric connections. They offer Flush toilets, bathing, snap tables, and fire pits. All locations are first to -come-first to -served, and the camp is welcoming from May 1 to October 31.

9-Moss Creek Camping site

Moss Creek Camping sites located across from the Columbia River in Washington State, it’s about 30 minutes from the Hood River. This small camping site is located on the lines of Little Whitefish. The stunning Spirit Waterfall is a 10-minute drive south of the campsite.

The campsite has 16 unserved sites, located under spruce, hemlock, and cedar trees. Moss Creek amenities include running water, fire pits, pit toilets, and picnic tables. Campsites can be provided on-site during the season, and firewood can be purchased. Please note that cellular service here is not equal.

Official website: https://www.recreation.gov/

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