Best Places in Omaha to Take Pictures in 2023/2024

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Top Omaha Spots to Take Great Pictures

Omaha, located in the heart of the United States, is a paradise for photography enthusiasts. This vibrant city offers a diverse range of subjects to capture through the lens. Its rich cultural heritage, bustling urban streets, and natural beauty provide a plethora of opportunities for stunning photographs. Omaha's unique blend of modernity and history creates a captivating backdrop for architectural photography, while its lively streets and diverse community offer endless possibilities for street photography. The city's parks, rivers, and scenic landscapes provide breathtaking natural settings, perfect for capturing serene moments. Whether you're drawn to urban landscapes, cultural events, or natural beauty, Omaha offers an abundance of subjects to inspire and elevate your photography skills.

In this article, we will guide you through the best places in Omaha for 2023 to capture breathtaking photographs. Whether you're an amateur photographer or a seasoned pro, Omaha has plenty to offer in terms of picturesque locations.

1. Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge - Best Places in Omaha to Take Pictures - Planet Travel Advisor

Spanning the mighty Missouri River, the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge stands as a symbol of connectivity and beauty in Omaha. This iconic bridge, named after the former Nebraska governor and senator, offers an incredible vantage point for both locals and visitors alike. Stretching over 3,000 feet, it provides a breathtaking panorama of the city's skyline and the river below.

Visiting the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge is indeed one of the best things to do in Omaha for a getaway. Whether you visit during the day or night, the bridge offers a myriad of photo opportunities, from capturing colorful sunsets to the mesmerizing reflections on the water. Its sleek design, combined with the stunning backdrop, makes the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge a must-visit destination for photographers seeking stunning images and a memorable experience in Omaha.

2. Joslyn Art Museum

Joslyn Art Museum - Best Places in Omaha to Take Pictures - Planet Travel Advisor

Nestled in the heart of Omaha, the Joslyn Art Museum stands as a cultural gem and a haven for art enthusiasts. This magnificent museum, with its striking architecture and elegant interiors, offers a wealth of artistic treasures from various periods and genres. From classical sculptures to modern masterpieces, the Joslyn Art Museum showcases an impressive collection that spans centuries.

Its grand halls, beautifully lit galleries, and carefully curated exhibitions provide a captivating backdrop for photography. Whether you're capturing the intricate details of a painting, the play of light on sculptures, or the awe-inspiring architecture itself, the Joslyn Art Museum offers endless inspiration and visual delights for photographers and art lovers alike.

3. Heartland of America Park

Heartland of America Park - Best Places in Omaha to Take Pictures - Planet Travel Advisor

Heartland of America Park, nestled in the heart of downtown Omaha, beckons with its tranquil beauty and captivating allure. This picturesque park is a haven for photographers seeking to capture the essence of nature's splendor. At its core lies a shimmering lake, its glassy surface reflecting the surrounding skyline and vibrant foliage.

As the sun sets, the park transforms into a magical realm, with a magnificent water fountain adorned with dancing lights, casting an ethereal glow upon the landscape. Meandering pathways and charming bridges invite exploration, while the gentle rustle of leaves and the melodious chirping of birds create a symphony of serenity. In this sanctuary of tranquility, every frame becomes a work of art. If you're eager to discover more about the exciting things to do in Omaha for adults at Heartland of America Park in Omaha, delve deeper into this captivating topic 

4. Old Market District

Old Market District - Best Places in Omaha to Take Pictures - Planet Travel Advisor

Step into a realm of historic charm and vibrant energy in Omaha's Old Market District, a photographer's playground brimming with captivating sights. The district's cobblestone streets, adorned with colorful buildings and charming storefronts, invite you to wander through a bygone era. Capture the essence of urban life as locals and visitors intermingle amidst lively street scenes, bustling restaurants, and eclectic boutiques.

The district comes alive with the aroma of delectable cuisine, the melodies of street musicians, and the laughter of friends enjoying the vibrant nightlife. From stunning architectural details to vibrant street art, the Old Market District offers a kaleidoscope of visual delights, ensuring every click of the camera captures the spirit of this enchanting neighborhood.

If you're curious to explore the best things to do for kids in Omaha, there's a wealth of information waiting for you.

5. Lauritzen Gardens

Lauritzen Gardens - Best Places in Omaha to Take Pictures - Planet Travel Advisor

Nestled in the heart of Omaha, Lauritzen Gardens is a botanical paradise that offers a feast for the senses and a haven for photographers. This enchanting garden spans over 100 acres, showcasing a diverse collection of meticulously curated plant life. From vibrant flowers in full bloom to lush greenery that stretches as far as the eye can see, every corner of Lauritzen Gardens offers a picturesque backdrop for capturing nature's beauty.

Explore themed gardens, tranquil ponds, and winding pathways that lead to hidden treasures. Whether macro photography or landscape shots are your passion, the ever-changing seasons provide endless opportunities to capture the enchanting colors and textures of this botanical wonderland.

6. Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium - Best Places in Omaha to Take Pictures - Planet Travel Advisor

Embark on a captivating visual journey at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, a world-class destination that promises unforgettable moments for both animal lovers and photographers alike. This renowned zoo boasts an extraordinary array of wildlife, from majestic lions to playful dolphins, providing ample opportunities to capture stunning wildlife photography. Wander through lush habitats, where vibrant flora and fauna coexist in harmony.

The zoo's state-of-the-art enclosures and immersive exhibits allow for up-close encounters with extraordinary creatures from around the globe. From underwater marvels to soaring aviaries, the Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium offers a thrilling tapestry of natural beauty, inviting photographers to capture the magic and splendor of the animal kingdom. For an in-depth understanding of the best time to visit Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, it's time to dive into more information. 

7. Durham Museum

Durham Museum - Best Places in Omaha to Take Pictures - Planet Travel Advisor

Immerse yourself in the rich history and architectural grandeur of the Durham Museum in Omaha. Housed in a beautifully restored Art Deco building, this museum provides a treasure trove of photographic opportunities. Capture the intricate details of the stunning exterior, from the ornate façade to the grand entrance. Inside, explore exhibits that showcase Omaha's vibrant past, including vintage train cars, historical artifacts, and interactive displays.

The museum's elegant interiors with marble columns, lofty ceilings, and intricate moldings create a timeless backdrop for photography. Whether you're drawn to capturing the nostalgia of a bygone era or the architectural beauty of the building, the Durham Museum offers a captivating blend of history and aesthetics for photographers to capture and preserve.

8. Gene Leahy Mall

Gene Leahy Mall - Best Places in Omaha to Take Pictures - Planet Travel Advisor

Nestled in the heart of downtown Omaha, the Gene Leahy Mall is a scenic urban oasis that provides a picturesque setting for photographers. This vibrant park offers a delightful escape from the city's hustle and bustle, boasting a lush landscape dotted with colorful flowers, majestic trees, and meandering pathways. Capture the park's tranquil ponds, where graceful fountains dance upon the water's surface, creating mesmerizing reflections.

Stroll along the charming bridges that span the park, offering unique vantage points for stunning compositions. The Gene Leahy Mall is a place of serenity and natural beauty, where every frame tells a story of peaceful moments amidst the urban landscape.

9. Joslyn Castle

Joslyn Castle - Best Places in Omaha to Take Pictures - Planet Travel Advisor

Situated in Omaha's historic Gold Coast neighborhood, is a captivating location that beckons photographers to capture its timeless beauty. This magnificent mansion, built in the Scottish Baronial style, boasts intricate stonework, towering turrets, and sprawling gardens. The exterior offers a plethora of architectural details, from ornate windows to sweeping staircases, creating a captivating visual feast. Step inside, and you'll find opulent interiors filled with elegant furnishings, exquisite woodwork, and beautiful stained glass windows.

The surrounding gardens provide a serene backdrop, with meticulously manicured landscapes, tranquil ponds, and vibrant flora. Whether you're capturing the majestic façade, exploring the enchanting interiors, or embracing the natural splendor of the gardens, Joslyn Castle offers a rich tapestry of visual delights that promise to elevate your photography to new heights.

10. Union Station

Union Station - Best Places in Omaha to Take Pictures - Planet Travel Advisor

Step back in time and capture the nostalgia of Omaha's Union Station, a historic architectural gem that embodies the city's rich heritage. This grand train station, meticulously restored to its former glory, offers a plethora of captivating photography opportunities. From the imposing exterior with its intricate details to the grand concourse adorned with elegant chandeliers, every corner exudes timeless charm.

The station's unique blend of classic and contemporary elements creates a striking contrast, perfect for capturing dramatic compositions. Explore the platform, capturing the hustle and bustle of travelers or focus on the ornate features and vintage aesthetics within. Whether you're drawn to architectural details or a sense of nostalgia, Union Station is a captivating location that transports photographers to a bygone era.


In conclusion, Omaha offers a wealth of incredible locations for photography enthusiasts. From the iconic Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge spanning the Missouri River to the historic charm of the Old Market District, the city provides a diverse range of subjects to capture through the lens. With its unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant cityscapes, and historic landmarks, Omaha is truly a photographer's paradise.


What are some of the best places in Omaha to take scenic landscape photographs?

Some of the best places in Omaha for scenic landscape photography include the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, Heartland of America Park, and Lauritzen Gardens. These locations offer beautiful natural backdrops with stunning views of the city skyline, water features, and lush greenery.

Are there any historic areas in Omaha that are great for capturing architectural photography?

Yes, Omaha's Old Market District and the Durham Museum are excellent spots for architectural photography. The Old Market District features charming cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and historic architecture, while the Durham Museum is housed in a beautifully restored Art Deco building with intricate details and vintage train cars.

Where can I capture wildlife and nature photography in Omaha?

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is a top destination for wildlife photography, offering a diverse range of animals and unique exhibits. Additionally, the Gene Leahy Mall and local parks provide opportunities to capture nature photography with their lush landscapes, tranquil ponds, and vibrant flora.

Are there any iconic landmarks or bridges in Omaha that are ideal for photography?

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge and the Bob Boozer Pedestrian Bridge are two iconic bridges in Omaha that offer stunning views of the cityscape and waterways. These bridges provide excellent opportunities for capturing skyline shots, reflections, and dramatic compositions.

Are there any museums or cultural sites in Omaha that are photogenic?

Yes, the Joslyn Art Museum and Union Station (Durham Museum) are two cultural sites that provide unique and photogenic backdrops. The Joslyn Art Museum features beautiful artwork and striking architectural details, while Union Station's historic architecture and exhibits offer a blend of nostalgia and elegance for photography.

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