Best Beaches in Europe

Best Beaches in Europe to Visit in 2022/2023

European cultural capitals see a high turnout of tourists from all countries of the world, where these cities are beautiful and immersive, where beaches attract tourists. Seven countries visit more tourists, and these cities belong to the continent of Europe. There’s no doubt that the beaches in Europe are one of the world’s greatest and best beaches, which attract thousands of visitors all year round, so let’s tell my dear visitor about the best tourist beaches in Europe.

Top Beaches in Europe:

  1. Cala Gortiz Sardinia Beach in Italy
  2. Navagio Beach Zakinthos, Greece
  3. Oludeniz Beach in Turkey
  4. Calo des Moro Majorca, Spain
  5. Praia do Marina Algarve, Portugal
  6. Porto Katsiki Beach Lefkada, Greece
  7. Cala Macarelleta Menorca, Spain
  8. Brela Beach Dalmatia, Croatia
  9. Playa de Maspalomas Gran Canaria, Spain
  10. Cala Mariolu Pawnee, Italy
  11. Rabbitt Beach, Italy
  12. Playa de Migjorn beach, Spain
  13. Durdle Door Beach, England
  14. Palombaggia Beach in France
  15. Sandwood Beach, Scotland
  16. Beinisch Beach, Portugal
  17. Ante Paxos Beach, Greece
  18. Vik Beach

1-Cala Gortiz Sardinia Beach in Italy

Regardless of the size of the small beach, Cala Gortiz Sardinia is undoubtedly one of Italy’s most famous beaches, with clean, soft sand leading you into shallow clear water.

Indeed, the magnificent cliffs of limestone and deep blue water are only a small part of the reasons why this beach has been a UNESCO site since 1995.

2-Navagio Beach Zakinthos, Greece

Navagio Beach Zakinthos is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, even one of the most photographed beaches in the country and the world.

It is bordered by a host of gorgeous scenic views with a host of spectacular relaxation opportunities and has already grown in popularity thanks to white sand and clear water, as well as fun boat trips.

3-Oludeniz Beach in Turkey

Oludeniz is one of the most famous nature reserves in the Mediterranean, known as the Dead Sea. This blue flag beach is often considered to be one of the top five beaches in the world, where it is renowned for its lush landscape and the wonderful blue shades that fill the lakes.

4-Calo des Moro Majorca, Spain

This beautiful beach is surrounded by a magnificent rock slope and fertile pine trees, and has crystal clear water, making it a very famous place for divers.

5-Praia do Marina Algarve, Portugal

Praia do Marina is one of the most iconic beaches in Portugal, usually on the list of Portugal’s pamphlets and guides around the world, where this wonderful place is marked by glittering cliffs with the famous golden sands of the Algarve, while the spectacular blue-green waters attract swimmers and tourists to return every year.

6-Porto Katsiki Beach Lefkada, Greece

This magnificent secret beach is located on the Greek island of Lefkada at the foot of a huge slope that provides cover over the stunning white sand, but what attracts tourists and locals to Porto Katsiki, which is one of Europe’s best beaches, is its pure crystal water stretching through the Ionian Sea.

7-Cala Macarelleta Menorca, Spain

Cala Macrilette Menorca, in Spain, is located on the southwestern coast of Menorca and is cherished by the locals and thousands of tourists who have intended to enjoy more among the blue pine orchards, the magnificent cliffs, the adventure trails, and the hidden bays, so it’s no wonder it’s ranked as one of Europe’s best beaches.

8-Brela Beach Dalmatia, Croatia

If you’re traveling on the coast of Split, you might be lucky enough to visit Brela Beach, which has beautiful crystal water that touches a bunch of little bays, so you’ll feel like you’re in your secret sanctuary.

9-Playa de Maspalomas Gran Canaria, Spain

This distinctive beach seems to be unique, and it’s a bit of a dune that’s going to lead you into the extended crystal water, with a bunch of wonderful, breathtaking landscapes, already shaped by the contrast between the sloping golden sand and the flat blue sea that you can’t find anywhere else.

10-Cala Mariolu Pawnee, Italy

The water is clear at the Cala Mariolu Pawnee beach, one of the hidden jewels in Italy, and it’s one of the most interesting features you can enjoy on your trip to Sardinia.

Besides, this beach is a special place for diving lovers, as well as for enjoying the wonderful sunshine among the most beautiful scenery, making it one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches.

11-Rabbitt Beach, Italy

This beach is on the island of Lampedusa, Italy. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches on Europe’s continent, but in the whole world, it’s about 100 miles off the Italian coast, and that’s the most beautiful thing on this beach where tourists go to spend their time and enjoy it, but the long-distance is stressful, and it’s tired and hard to get to this charming place.

But some people love the adventure and the distance from the people at the beaches, and when tourists go to this beach, they are impressed by the beauty of it and the beauty of the area around the beach.

One of the most remarkable features of this beach is that the beach water is shallow. Children enjoy their time without being afraid to drown, and the beach is characterized by calm and pure water, which makes swimming a real pleasure for beginners. This beach is also home to rare and endangered sea turtles.

12-Playa de Migjorn beach, Spain

It’s one of the most famous beaches on the Spanish island of Formentera, and it’s a beautiful sandy beach. It’s a long beach where it spans several miles. It’s worth noting that it’s overlooking the ocean with its clear blue water. At this beach, every tourist does his favorite thing.

Where someone who wants to enjoy, calm, watch the charming nature, rent the wooden beach seats and sit in front of the water, another who plays on this beach because it’s the length of the beach, and who takes the snacks that are served as a meal when you enter this beach.

The beach is also characterized by sports matches such as volleyball, and sports such as running, and water games are organized on the beach.

13-Durdle Door Beach, England

This beach is found in the Dorset country of England, called the United Kingdom, and is characterized by a large number of charming and beautiful beaches, including this beach, one of the most beautiful in the country.

It’s characterized by rocky cliffs that are shadows on this beach, where visitors go swimming in this place under those high rock shades that are protected from summer sunshine.

This beach also goes to visitors in the winter, because they go up those rocky cliffs that are close to the beach, where these heights are characterized by beautiful green hills and scenery, which surround the ocean coast in a very beautiful landscape.

14-Palombaggia Beach in France

This beach is on the island of Corsica in France, and when you see this beach, you think it’s one of the private beaches that doesn’t find it unparalleled in most of the luxury resorts you go to enjoy your time like the ones in the Tahiti Islands.

But this beach, despite its beautiful scenery, which shows that it’s a beach that tourists pay a lot of money to enter, is a free beach that everyone enters and is accessible to everyone. It’s also the most beautiful beach on the French island of Corsica.

The most beautiful thing about that beach is that for families, where they have some privacy, and the water is calm and shallow, It’s easy for kids to swim or people who don’t know how to swim can swim.

15-Sandwood Beach, Scotland

Found in northwestern Scotland, this beach is characterized by the beauty of its sands and scenic scenery, and visitors who love to photograph scenic landscapes go to it more than it uses a resort because it is characterized by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

It has wonderful limestone in the scenery, and many go to meet natural images, and there are fewer visitors to this beach, because it is 6 hours away from the capital Edinburgh by car, making it difficult for visitors.

16-Beinisch Beach, Portugal

This beach is located in the Portuguese city of Beinisch, and this city has more than 15000 people, and it’s well known for its scenic and charming beaches, and most visitors go to play sports because there’s the wind, and this beach has blue water.

17-Ante Paxos Beach, Greece

Ante Paxos Beach in Greece. This Greek island is one of the best coastal cities, as it is one of the most popular beaches for tourists. This beach is characterized by gravel and white sand on the beach.

It makes this beach an eye-catching painting that tourists and visitors enjoy in the summer. It also features the calmness of clear blue water, and its beach is shallow, where the white sand of that clear water appeared.

It’s also surrounded by charming and scenic greens along the beach, and tourists go to play diving where shallow water helps to train swimming and diving.

18-Vik Beach

Located in Iceland, the most unusual beach in this group with its volcanic black sands and rock formations rising above sea level, it’s an interesting, mysterious beach filled with local mythology, perfect for adventure and mystery lovers.

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