15 Top Places to Visit in Finland

15 Top Rated Places to Visit in Finland

Finland is a country full of magical places to explore and discover. There are beautiful landscapes in Finnish Lapland, Finland is a land of vast glaciers, endless forests, and breathtaking nature so nature photographers will find interesting and beautiful landscapes, and these colorful cities and towns also produce great photos, but here are 15 of the best and most beautiful places to visit in Finland and you can take some pictures in them to be a sweet memory for you from your visit to Finland.

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  1. Helsinki the Capital of Sophistication and Beauty
  2. Rovaniemi
  3. National Park
  4. Kilbisgarvy
  5. Borvo “The History Town”
  6. Hanko
  7. Lake Inari
  8. Northern Lights in Ivalo
  9. Olinka National Park:
  10. Levy
  11. Turku
  12. Saariselka
  13. Aland Archipelago
  14. Savonlinna
  15. Kemi

1-Helsinki the Capital of Sophistication and Beauty

It is a beautiful country where you find buildings a mix of Novo art. The contemporary gives the country the beauty and joy and the restaurants there has an excellent design and wonderful, it’s also a very progressive place with a thriving vegetarian scene and a commitment to sustainability, and this wonderful combination of exquisitely designed vegetarianism and picturesque nature makes a charming friendship in a small town, making the images of that town look like a painting, but it is made by a creator


Rovaniemi is a country in Lapland but is famous as the village of Santa Claus because of its presence within the Arctic Circle.

There is also the phenomenon of northern lights that you can take great pictures of as they happen and you can try a snow safari.

3- National Park

The sunrise over Knoxio National Park is spectacular early in the morning and there are rugged rocks and dense forests that are very good for walking, climbing, and bird watching, all of which are the raw materials for taking pictures and there is a lake to row.


Mount Sana in Kilbisgarve

Kilbisgarvi is located near the far north-west of Finland and is home to the ‘Tri-Country Border Point’. The only Alpine village in Finland, the mountain views there are wonderful, very charming and picturesque and you can meet great pictures.

5-Borvo “The History Town”

Borvo is a country of history that dates back to the 14th century and is also famous for its magnificent wooden houses, and there is a historic birthday market.


In Hanko, the most famous church is the Wooden Lutheran Evangelical Church, built-in 1892, and there are many boat races, festivals, and music theatres in Hancock, a living city with its activities.

7-Lake Inari

The reflection of the midnight sun on Lake Inari makes the view charming and picturesque, with the lake being a particularly lively summer destination and tourists coming to enjoy boats and camping.

8-Northern Lights in Ivalo

It also, is a small village in Finland, a village with skiing places and a white-covered part of the village that makes it look stunning and charming for the visitor and photographer and is an ideal place to catch the Aurora Borealis.

9-Olinka National Park:

It is a park full of forests, rivers, and its charming ecosystem, passing through the Carhonqueros Road, a more popular hiking route with many landscapes to take pictures of.


Levy has frozen trees and a great sunset view, and this town is the largest ski resort, and there is a snow-filled hotel, a ski hotel, and an ice fair. It’s also a great place to capture the northern lights when you press the mountain.


Ruisalo Island in the Turku Archipelago is a popular destination for many tourists and also unites oak forests turning amazing shades of yellow and red when cold weather approaches in summer.


It is a ski center, a hiking center, and a place to see and photograph northern lights and reindeer coming out at sunset to play and have a great view among the snow-covered white trees.

13-Aland Archipelago

It has the oldest Christian church in Finland – St. Olaf Stone Church dates back to 1260. When trees change colors in October, their colors become exquisite, their shapes are exquisite and they a great image that makes photo lovers rush to take pictures there.


Olaflina Castle Built in the 15th century, Olaflina Castle rises over the coast of Savonlinna, located in the Area of Lake Saima in southeastern Finland, a large three-tower castle where opera festivals are held and a forest museum to show man’s relationship with nature, and you can take a great picture of the castle from the air will be wonderful.


Teepee Tent in Kemi

If you are one of the people who prefer winter, Kemi is the best place in Finland, there is a Kemi you can camp in the Tent of Tube, there you can cook and sleep on an ice bed and the overall shape of the tent is great so taking pictures in this area will be good and wonderful.


All these places have many Natural, historic, and tourist attractions you can take great pictures of, so when you visit Finland, we recommend that you go to these places and take pictures of them because they will be pictures of Finland.

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